Our Approach

As the number of users on social media platform is increasing the number of online scams are also increasing.Our team is trying to abet this scams by creating awareness among the users by reviewing posts which are getting viral on social platforms like  Whatsapp , Facebook etc.

We also list the posts on top ten mistakes,top five mistakes and top tips.

Our Story

Last year we came across lots of hoax on social media getting viral which led to many massive destruction in society. As the number of users growing day by day on social media it becomes very hard to keep track of every posts . So we came up with this idea to setup a website which will keep updating people about viral hoax on social media and keep them aware.

Meet the Team

Our team right now  has two employees . We welcome if anyone wants to help us in this good cause , can contact us on (+91 9408729593) by Whatsapp or call.



Sumeet Shitole


Founder & CEO


Bachelor of computer Science.


Rohit Kurlapkar


Founder & CEO





Users can email or send us posts on  below mentioned contact details we will check them for you .



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