• The world is not problem the problem is our unawareness.


We post here daily trending posts from social media like whatsaap , facebook etc containing both true and fake posts.

Also posts on Top ten mistakes,top five mistakes,Top tips.



Fake category consists reviewed viral hoax from Social media like Whatsapp , Facebook ,Twitter etc with proof .We will be sending link of latest fake message to people through whatsapp (+91 9408729593) in order to aware people about latest fake messages around social media. People can send us messages,posts to review on our whatsapp number :- (+91 9408729593) . Help us in this good cause.


True category consists the viral true posts around the social media like whatsapp , Facebook , twitter etc. We will be promoting some true messages on social media platforms also by posting them on facebook and messaging on whatsapp (+91 9408729593)

People can send us messages to review on our whatsapp number
 (+91 9408729593)